How will AI benefit NHS cancer patients?

PUBLISHED: 20/09/2018

How will AI benefit NHS cancer patients?

Sir David Amess chaired a roundtable of parliamentarians and stakeholders in the House of Commons on 17th October. The session explored ways in which AI can be used to improve care for NHS cancer patients, and considerations required in order for the NHs to reap the benefits of innovations in AI.

Professor Carlos Caldas (Professor of Cancer Medicine, University of Cambridge) and Dr Alan Karthikesalingam (Translational Research lead, DeepMind Health) both gave expert perspectives on the topic as part of the roundtable discussion.

Minutes available here.

Quotes from the day

“The commissioning of the digital infrastructure is where policy can mandate something that is very beneficial to NHS patients. That includes the interoperable systems. Data also needs to be curated in ways that puts the control of the data solidly in the hands of the NHS and academic clinicians, who are ultimately treating patients.”

Dr Alan Karthikesalingam

Translational research lead, DeepMind Health

 “The NHS follows people from cradle to grave, which it unique characteristic for a healthcare system. The possibilities from machine learning and big data in the NHS are unparalleled, which we should be taking advantage of.”

Professor Carlos Caldas

Professor of Cancer Medicine, University of Cambridge

 “The UK has very good centres of excellence where if you are a patient you are treated amazingly, but there are many other hospitals where they have less money, less resources, less staff and less expertise and patients don’t get the same amazing treatment.”

Dr Maria Antonietta Cerrone

Precision Medicine Portfolio Manager, Cancer Research UK